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One of the most used elements in aquascaping is an ''aquarium tree'' that is made by tying moss on top of a piece of driftwood. Once tied down, the moss will attach it's self over time, but regular punning is required to maintain desired shape.
Aquatic mosses are attractive and fast growing aquarium plants, that are suitable for beginners and works great in any type of aquascape. They are used to soft harsh edges of rocks or driftwood, to enhance the natural feel inside aquarium and also they effectively remove nitrates from water.
Here, moss is used to create the treetop, who turned out to be a great place for shrimps to grow up and feed. Area under the ''tree'' is formed in the ''meadow'' using small carpet plant like 'Cuba' and few plants for accents, like Sagittaria subulata and Echinodorus tenellus.



Used plants:Easy like sunday morning5 Alen Hodžić

Fissidens fontanus

Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba

Glossostigma elatinoides
























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