''In-vitro'' method allows us to produce high quality seedlings, which are retrieved from nourishing cups, cleaned and planted in rockwool in pots. Afterwards, pots are nourished inside our greenhouse nurseries in special pools for acclimatization process. Nurseries are equipped with modern technology and computer-controlled cultivation system that allows us to maintain an ideal, highly tropical climate conditions and stabile water parameters. This is why we can supply You with healthy and vigorous plants, even throughout the winter months.


We grow more than 200 species and varieties of aquarium plants, including various specialities of Echinodorus, Anubias, Cryptocoryne, Crium, Aponogeton  and many other stem plant species. Most of the plants come in 5cm pots, they are fully rooted and, depending on the species, have many side shoots. When planting, remove pot and rockwool, divide plant portion into small pieces and plant evenly in the substrate.