Hortilab company has been a producer of high-quality seedlings for more than 10 years, using in vitro method with further acclimatization. We have a wide selection of exceptional quality ornamental plants and flowers. We are also able to produce other seedlings of ornamental plants according to the customer's wishes.

Bougainvillaea / Bougainvillaea

Bananas / Musa

Clematis / Clematis

Gerbers / Gerbera

Roses / Rosa

Trumpet pitchers / Sarracenia

Venus flytraps / Dionaea

Sundews / Drosera

Paulownia / Paulownia

Baby's breath / Gypsophila

Sea lavenders / Limonium

African violets / Saintpaulia

Widow's thrill / Kalanchoe

Orchids / Orchidaceae

Photinia / Photinia

Silvergrass / Mischantus

Dragon fruit / Hyalocereus

Tibouchina / Tibouchina

Angel's trumpets / Brugmansia